Saturday, 10 March 2012

Every one is Irish on St Patrick's Day, come & join us with the celebrations.

The famous festival of St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated all over the world on 17th march. A festival native to the country of Ireland; is celebrated all over the country to commemorate the spread of Christianity by the Saint Patrick Who travelled all over Ireland to convert people to Christians.
As the legend goes, the saint was born to a wealthy British Roman family, but was captured by Irish robbers and was taken to Ireland as a slave. He was given a signal by the god in his dream to escape from the coast and go to Britain by a boat.
After doing this, the saint went on to study Christianity in a church in Auxerre in Gaul and went on to become a priest. He was called back to Ireland, as a bishop to spread Christianity and convert the natives from pagans to Christians.
It is said that he used a shamrock to explain the concept of the existence of trinity. He used to say that as the three leaves of a shamrock have separate identities apart from being attached to one stem; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit can exist as separate identities apart from being the Supreme One.
Green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day. The original color was blue, but the color later on evolved to green. People concoct various recipes that involve green infusion of green color in their foods.
The day is celebrated as the national day in Ireland. People celebrate this day by singing and dancing on Irish songs, and partying and celebrating the whole day. People are allowed to drink alcohol and break the Lent fast for one day to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day.
Those who are not in green are caught and pinched warmly. People celebrate this day by wearing green clothes and green items. The custom of celebrating this day with parades has been a tradition. Some of the oldest parades of the St. Patrick’s Day happen in New York City since 1762, in Philadelphia – Pennsylvania since 1771, Boston – Massachusetts since 1809, Buffalo – New York since 1811 and so on in many cities and states.
St. Patrick’s Day is also celebrated with major sports being played all across the globe. People play games like basketball, baseball, ice hockey, Gaelic games and rugby on this day.
This day is celebrated by everyone who is not Irish by descendant as well. People go with the popular saying that, on the St. Patrick’s Day, “Everyone is Irish.”