Sunday, 7 February 2010

A night at the Waterfront Auditorium

It was so easy to park that we seemed to be there very early. This is a photo of the auditorium before it filled up. The man who showed us to our seats told us that it would be quite full tonight, half full, they don't expect it to run anything but at a loss!! We were horrified.
It was "Stomp" that we had come to see and it was brilliant. We will never look at a brush or a bin lid in the same way. It is hard to believe that they could hold our attention with the sound coming from everyday objects, however we really enjoyed it.

It felt like we were in a different country. If you check out you can see the forthcoming events.
The Ulster orchestra are there the 20th Feb 2010 with Carl Davis having a licence to thrill as he leads you through the hit James Bond films from the orginal Dr No theme through to Casino Royale via Goldfinger, from Russia with love and many other Bond Classics. It promises to be a full evening of smooth entertainment with Joe Lindsay as the presenter.
Check out the box office 028 90239955 or go online at the to find out more.