Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ten reasons to visit Northern Ireland

10 reasons
to love Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is a great place to live, and we've got plenty of sights, sounds and people that make a difference to all our lives. We've decided to start a bit of a showcase of just why we all rock, and why you can continue to be proud to live in Northern Ireland. In no particular order here are 100 reasons to love Northern Ireland.

1) Our People

Recognised for our kind nature around the world, Northern Ireland people are a unique, beautiful, intelligent race far superior to other nations. Fact.
Seriously though, you won't find a friendlier more welcoming country, and for that we should be very proud.
Northern Ireland folk as you'll see later in this article have done some wonderful things both past and present, and for that reason, our people makes the list.

2) Our Wee Accent

The Northern Irish accent has been voted one of the sexiest, according to a poll and we've awesome folk like Jimmy Nesbitt, Barry the Blender, Christine Bleakley and *cough* Nadine Coyle?! (with her own dialect) speaking the native tongue as Northern Irish brand ambassadors around the world. Go Team!

3) Our sense of humour

Northern Irish folk are always up for a bit of craic and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We have a dark self-deprecating sense of humour, and we are pretty quick witted at times too.
Northern Ireland has its fair share of comedians, and funnymen, as you'll see later on.
We also beat England in 2005 in a football match (see David Healy) and we'll never let them forget it.

4) Irwin's Nutty Crust

Nutty Crust high fibre plain bread is well recognised and renowned as the perfect Northern Irish way to keep you regular.
Irwin's bakery is based in Portadown, and respected for it's nutritional benefits from Lord's and Ladies alike.
Both Nutty, and Crusty, its not unlike some of the wonderful people of Northern Ireland.

5) Our weather

The irish weather is a wonder in its own right. Generally speaking the way we tell the difference between a good and bad day is to measure the temperature of the rain.
To accompany the unpredictable nature of our climate, we've also developed our own rare collection of Northern Irish sayings to describe just how bad or good it is. Classics such as "She's lashing out of the heavens." or "It's bucketin' down." - (the rain is heavy), "S'terrible close." - (Humid) and "Sun's splittin' stones." - (Sunny), make it that bit more entertaining for tourists attempting to get the forecast from locals.


Famous food from Northern Ireland. Doesn't get any tastier than these badboys.

6) The Ulster Fry

It is well known that an Ulster fry is a vastly superior national dish to a full English breakfast. So much so, that there's even a Facebook group dedicated to raising awareness on this matter of national pride. Perfect when you could eat the beard off Moses.

7) Tayto Crisps

If you haven't tasted the wonderous potato snack well, you aren't living the dream. It is widely known in Northern Irish circles that the magical potatoey snack are simply the best crisps IN THE WORLD. An inspired choice amongst many Norn' Iron snack fans, the classic crisp sandwich isn't complete without some Tayto Cheese and Onion.
Plus - you haven't yet lived if you haven't taken a wee trip to Tandragee to visit Mr. Tayto in Tayto Castle. What a guy.

8) Spuds

A staple of the Northern Irish diet, you simply can't bate a good 'owl feed a spuds. With Kerr's pinks to Queens best, they are all equally as dear, and close to our hearts.
Add to that, the fact that Tayto crisps just wouldn't be the same - Spuds make it in to our awesome list.

9) Dale Farm Lollipop's

No one can deny the revitalising and thirst quenching qualities of Northern Irish classics such as the Pear Picking Porky, Joker, Mr Frosty, Polly Pineapple, or Choc pop. All lollypops born and bred on this fine soil.

10) Maud's Ice Cream

Mauds Ice Cream originally started as a part of a family grocery business in Carnmoney, Co. Antrim. It was named after Maud, the head of the family business at that time and produces quite possibly the best honeycomb ice-cream known to man.
'Pooh-bear' is a Northern Irish delicacy mixing creamy ice-cream from local cows, with honeycomb chunks from local bees. Delish.

The perfect place for a walk today

         This morning along the sea coast the Coast the sun was shining and all was beautiful.
There was an increase in maritime activity as HM Coastguard, vessels, RNLI lifeboats,helicopers,search and sea rescur coordinators,Belfast Harbour, emergency services and local authorities took part in a live large-scale incident exercise, within Belfast Lough.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Summer Sunshine and things to do

Summer sun is shining and the garden is in full bloom.
There are lots of activities on in the surrounding locations. There is the sunflower festival, Belsonic, Truckfest and even the Festival of India: yes all on near our location.

Belsonic is back with another amazing line up of acts.
Emeli Sande,Madness and Tom Jones to name just a few.
It goes on till the 26th August.
For music lovers there is also Tennent's Vital from the 21st -22nd with the Foo Fighters and the Stone Roses.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thousands attend Belfast events.

Thousands of people will attend Titanic commemoration events in Northern 
Ireland this weekend on the centenary of the liner's sinking. 
A technician walks up a replica of The Titanic's Grand Staircase at the Titanic Belfast attraction
The craftsmen of the replica Titanic stair case urge everyone to come and see their work.
It took around 1,500 man-hours to finish the four-tonne staircase, which is 23ft

high and 24ft in width. It was moulded from red oak — the same material used

to build Titanic’s grand staircase — which was specially imported from North America

for the project.

Pius Diamond who built the stairway said it was one of the most interesting projects he 

has worked on. “I would like it to be open to all. I would like the public to see it as much as 

MTV Presents Titanic Sounds - Olly Murs
Stars perform at the Titanic Sounds Festival.
Thousands of music lovers packed the docks where the Titanic was built for a star-studded pop 
concert ahead of the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking.
Chart toppers Olly Murs and Pixie Lott entertained an estimated 16,000 who braved the cold in
Belfast for the spectacular open-air gig.
Staged in front of the new multi-million-pound visitor attraction dedicated to the doomed liner, the
MTV Titanic Sounds festival also saw performances from artists Sean Paul, Rizzle Kicks and Katy B.

The old dockland slipway where revellers gathered for the music extravaganza witnessed another
major event 101 years ago, when thousands congregated to see the Titanic launched into the water for the

first time.
Belfast's most famous export sank a year later after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic.
The Titanic Sounds gig is among a series of high profile events being staged in the city to mark the enduring legacy of the ship.
While the mood was upbeat tonight, a more sombre tone will be set over the weekend as Belfast
commemorates the anniversary of the disaster that claimed more than 1,500 lives.
New Titanic Building open to visitors

Staged in collaboration with Belfast City Council and Northern Ireland Tourist Board, the gig was 
filmed and will be broadcast across 153 territories around the world as part of MTV's World Stage

Monday, 2 April 2012

Titanic Belfast is now open to the Public

Come and visit our latest attraction. it is only 15 minites form Whitethorn Cottages
Build up to the new Titanic Building
The building was started in May 2009.

The design is based on a maritime theme.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Every one is Irish on St Patrick's Day, come & join us with the celebrations.

The famous festival of St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated all over the world on 17th march. A festival native to the country of Ireland; is celebrated all over the country to commemorate the spread of Christianity by the Saint Patrick Who travelled all over Ireland to convert people to Christians.
As the legend goes, the saint was born to a wealthy British Roman family, but was captured by Irish robbers and was taken to Ireland as a slave. He was given a signal by the god in his dream to escape from the coast and go to Britain by a boat.
After doing this, the saint went on to study Christianity in a church in Auxerre in Gaul and went on to become a priest. He was called back to Ireland, as a bishop to spread Christianity and convert the natives from pagans to Christians.
It is said that he used a shamrock to explain the concept of the existence of trinity. He used to say that as the three leaves of a shamrock have separate identities apart from being attached to one stem; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit can exist as separate identities apart from being the Supreme One.
Green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day. The original color was blue, but the color later on evolved to green. People concoct various recipes that involve green infusion of green color in their foods.
The day is celebrated as the national day in Ireland. People celebrate this day by singing and dancing on Irish songs, and partying and celebrating the whole day. People are allowed to drink alcohol and break the Lent fast for one day to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day.
Those who are not in green are caught and pinched warmly. People celebrate this day by wearing green clothes and green items. The custom of celebrating this day with parades has been a tradition. Some of the oldest parades of the St. Patrick’s Day happen in New York City since 1762, in Philadelphia – Pennsylvania since 1771, Boston – Massachusetts since 1809, Buffalo – New York since 1811 and so on in many cities and states.
St. Patrick’s Day is also celebrated with major sports being played all across the globe. People play games like basketball, baseball, ice hockey, Gaelic games and rugby on this day.
This day is celebrated by everyone who is not Irish by descendant as well. People go with the popular saying that, on the St. Patrick’s Day, “Everyone is Irish.”

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Valentine's weekend special offer 3nights for £300.

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Monday, 9 January 2012

Belfast included in the List of "Must-go-places" for 2012

Belfast Included in List of 'Must-go Places' for 2012
Belfast has been included in a list of the top places to visit in 2012 by the leading English newspaper in Singapore.

On 3 January The Straights Times' Travel section a published a guide to 12 'must go places' for the year ahead. Other entries included Olympics host city London, European Championships host countries Poland and Ukraine, the emerging Asian destinations of Bhutan and Myanmar, and the US as it gears up for its presidential campaign trail.

Belfast was chosen because of the upcoming celebrations and commemorations surrounding the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage and sinking of SS Titanic, which was designed and built in the city.

Central to the festivities will be the opening of the landmark new Titanic Belfast attraction on 31 March. Housed in an iconic, six-floor building beside the site of the luxury liner's construction, there will be nine interactive galleries telling the story of Titanic, from its conception in Belfast in the early 1900s, through its construction and launch, to its famous maiden voyage and tragic end. The story is brought up to the present with the discovery of the wreck, and into the future with live links to contemporary undersea exploration.

The guide also highlighted Befast's other attractions, including the magnificent Belfast Castle Estate, as well as the Giant's Causeway World Heritage Site on the north Antrim Coast.

Peak Discovery, one of Northern Ireland’s top events companies, will tailor an outdoor or indoor activities for an exhilarating and entertaining day out for couples and bigger groups.

Keen golfers will relish the opportunity to play on the greens of Ireland’s oldest golf course. Royal Belfast, established in 1881, boasts meticulously maintained greens with stunning views across Belfast Lough, as well as an impressive Victorian clubhouse serving dinner and drinks.

With so much on offer in Northern Ireland, your only difficulty will be deciding which experience to choose!
So come and stay with us @ Whitethorn Cottages, ten minutes from Belfast city and the new
Titanic exhibition and it is only about 1 hour's drive to the Giant's Causeway, North West and Royal Portrush.

Per Week
Weekend & Midweek
( 2-Nights)
July & Aug, Golf Weeks, North West 200
£ 890
Christmas, New Year, Easter & Bank Holidays
£ 890
£ 545
April, May, June, Sept & Oct
£ 795
£ 515
£ 450
Jan, Feb, March, Nov & Dec
(excluding Christmas holidays)
£ 745
£ 485
£ 430

  • Prices are valid up to and including December 2012 and are quoted in Sterling.
  • Short breaks are also available by arrangement.
·      Please note:

·         All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions. A booking deposit of £100 is required and balance due 28 days before arrival.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year, one with lots of excitment.

The city of Belfast is constantly abuzz with happenings, there is never a shortage of things to do. As a people, the residents of N Ireland are also renowned for being one of the most hospitable in the world.
For any of you who are worried about staying in Belfast City centre, Whitethorn Cottages are just 10 minutes away in the most beautiful rural setting.

We have a constant stream of exciting concerts, plays and exhibitions in venues such as the Waterfront Hall and the Odyssey Arena that are world class and attractions that will inspire even the most jaded explorer, from the historical to the cultural to the scientific and literary; after all this is the city that inspired Narnia!
Local museums and places of interest including The Titanic’s Dock and Pumphouse and the Ulster Folk Transport Museum offer an insight into the history, industrial heritage and times gone by; while award winning attractions including Belfast Zoo and W5 Interactive Science Centre provide great family days out.
Titanic Belfast, opening on 31st March 2012, will be a "must see" visit in any tour of Belfast and Northern Ireland. It is located in the heart of Belfast, right beside the historic site of this world-famous ship’s construction. Housed in an iconic, 6-floor building, this state-of-the-art visitor experience tells the story of the Titanic, from her conception in Belfast in the early 1900s, through her construction and launch, to her famous maiden voyage and tragic end.
The adventure begins the moment you walk through the door and into the building's giant atrium surrounded by the four ‘ship’s hull’ shaped wings which house the Titanic Experience. As you journey through the nine large galleries of this state-of-the-art interactive exhibition, you will uncover the true story of the Titanic, from her conception in Belfast in the early 1900s, through her construction and launch, to her famous maiden voyage and tragic end.

The Irish Open golf championship will be held at Royal Portrush Golf Club this summer, it has been confirmed. Senior officials of the European Golf Tour made the announcement at Royal Portrush on Friday afternoon.The tournament will start in the last week of June and finish on 1 July.
The last time the north coast course staged a major competition was the Open in 1951, while the last time the Irish Open was played there was in 1947.

Lots to do and see, come and stay with us @ Whitethorn Cottages,we are only minutes away from it all.