Friday, 28 May 2010

Chelsea Flower Show was the best thing I have ever been to, I just loved it and want to share some of the many photos with you. The man with the pin striped suit from my Tears of Joy part 1 found me inside the show. Well you couldn't miss me I had my flat shoes on, they are bright red, and because it was to be cooler I had my red tights on. He came up to me and asked me how I was enjoying it. He wasn't so scary and I had stop crying. I told him it was just "Brilliant". So I couldn't stop, things to see, places to go, I was running out of time. Ideas for the cottages everywhere. As you how visit us know I love having a go at flower arranging for you. One day when I get more time I have plans for our garden at Whitethorn House and at the Cottages.
I was seeing famous faces and recognising people but not always able to place them. Saw the lady that I just loved of Ruth Watson's " Rescuing Country Homes" but I didn't work that out till I was nearly home.
Then a lady came up to me as if she knew me!! She asked me how we were enjoying the show, it was the family that their poor granny was not with them. Thank you Granny!! We sat and chatted. I still don't know your names but I can't thank you enough for the chance of a life time. I really do hope that you will come over and stay with us. However don't expect too much of my garden, you can come and help me with it.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Thanks to the Girls of Comber Flower Club

Here is some photos of Barbara and Hilda's Silver Award Winning Arrangement.
I took so many photographs of everything I was seeing the battery on my camera got exhausted and ran out. I probably took about 400. The girls photos are number 330 something. So if you want to see more just ask.
I haven't finished there I have more to tell you and more people to thank. So I am away to put on more photos to inspire you. I have more to influence you to have a go before you run out of time.
I cannot wait to hear more from Barbara, Hilda and Anne about their experiences.
It must have been the experience of a life time!!

Tears of joy and tears of sadness Part 1

This is not like my usual blog with a few photos and ideas of where to go when you come to visit us. This is a thought for today and inspiration, I want you all to get out there and live life to the full. Take a day or two off it will do you good. I did and I feel great and I want to inspire you now.
I had wanted to go to Chelsea Flower Show sure it was always about the time of my birthday and it would be a fab birthday treat. Work had me over in London so I made sure I stayed one more day in the hope that I might get in to see Chelsea.
I rarely take time off work as I work for myself. I tried everything I could think of to get tickets but they were like hens teeth. So close and yet so far!!
Well it was only a walk from my hotel. So off I set. Loads of people, loads of excitement and then I was right outside Chelsea Hospital. There was a girl and fellow dressed as Adam and Eve with very little on I may add. The atmosphere was brilliant. One of the several Chelsea Boys, all dressed in their uniform, went off and got an apple to give to Eve, it was hilarious. What if I went and asked?? I thought I probably only had seconds before they would throw me out.
Thanks to the girls of Comber Flower Club I had the best reason for wanting in. I just had to see their exhibition before they had to take it down!! Thanks girls you gave me the courage to ask.
Then there was the man in the pin striped suit, he looked very intimadating. First three words had to be right so he wouldn't say no too fast!!! He was still listening and then came HOPE. "Just stand there"
At this a family came up to the desk and told how sadly their Grand Mother couldn't come and could they get a refund for their tickets. I looked and them and they looked at me and I went into floods of tears!! Yes tears, now you know how keen I must have been to get in. I had a ticket. I was on my way into Chelsea Flower Show 2010
Thanks to everyone.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Such beautiful weather would inspire you to get out and go and see round Hillsborough Castle, the grounds and the garden festival. Here are some photos of our day out there.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

It is Balmoral Show in Belfast City

Mums and their babies come to be educated.

The Countryside comes to Belfast

It is that time of year when all the animals put on there best coats and visit the city.
All types of cows, sheep, dogs, birds, ponies and horses on view for you to get up close and see.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Prince Charles visits the Ard's Peninsula.
I wonder had he read my blog on how good looking the gardens were when I visited a week ago!!
It is well worth a visit, lots of plants are out in flower.