Monday, 19 July 2010

Life can be tough in the country!

When we were at Chelsea Flower show we brought home a little bird for the garden. When we put him out in the garden at Whitethorn House he found life can be tough. As fast as he found somewhere nice to perch, sadly someone came and knocked him over. It seems there is a definite pecking order in the bird world. I think he would have had a better chance if we had brought home two birds. It seems other birds just come and knock him off his perch.
We have noticed even amongest the hens in our garden there always seems to be a dominment one that keeps charge of the pecking order.

We fear we are going to have to bring in our bird from Chelsea as it seems it hasn't got a chance.
We have tried lots of different parts of the garden, but repeatedly we have to rescue the small bird off the ground.
We have guests from Boston at present and sadly the weather isn't that good but it doesn't seem to annoy them. There favourite entertainment is when the neighbouring farmer brings his cows past the cottages. As well as this they have had fun visiting the Portaferry Gala events and also seeing round Bushmills and the Giants Causeway.
While the weather has been wet it is warm and the plants in the garden have been growing like mad and the weeds too.