Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ten reasons to visit Northern Ireland

10 reasons
to love Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is a great place to live, and we've got plenty of sights, sounds and people that make a difference to all our lives. We've decided to start a bit of a showcase of just why we all rock, and why you can continue to be proud to live in Northern Ireland. In no particular order here are 100 reasons to love Northern Ireland.

1) Our People

Recognised for our kind nature around the world, Northern Ireland people are a unique, beautiful, intelligent race far superior to other nations. Fact.
Seriously though, you won't find a friendlier more welcoming country, and for that we should be very proud.
Northern Ireland folk as you'll see later in this article have done some wonderful things both past and present, and for that reason, our people makes the list.

2) Our Wee Accent

The Northern Irish accent has been voted one of the sexiest, according to a poll and we've awesome folk like Jimmy Nesbitt, Barry the Blender, Christine Bleakley and *cough* Nadine Coyle?! (with her own dialect) speaking the native tongue as Northern Irish brand ambassadors around the world. Go Team!

3) Our sense of humour

Northern Irish folk are always up for a bit of craic and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We have a dark self-deprecating sense of humour, and we are pretty quick witted at times too.
Northern Ireland has its fair share of comedians, and funnymen, as you'll see later on.
We also beat England in 2005 in a football match (see David Healy) and we'll never let them forget it.

4) Irwin's Nutty Crust

Nutty Crust high fibre plain bread is well recognised and renowned as the perfect Northern Irish way to keep you regular.
Irwin's bakery is based in Portadown, and respected for it's nutritional benefits from Lord's and Ladies alike.
Both Nutty, and Crusty, its not unlike some of the wonderful people of Northern Ireland.

5) Our weather

The irish weather is a wonder in its own right. Generally speaking the way we tell the difference between a good and bad day is to measure the temperature of the rain.
To accompany the unpredictable nature of our climate, we've also developed our own rare collection of Northern Irish sayings to describe just how bad or good it is. Classics such as "She's lashing out of the heavens." or "It's bucketin' down." - (the rain is heavy), "S'terrible close." - (Humid) and "Sun's splittin' stones." - (Sunny), make it that bit more entertaining for tourists attempting to get the forecast from locals.


Famous food from Northern Ireland. Doesn't get any tastier than these badboys.

6) The Ulster Fry

It is well known that an Ulster fry is a vastly superior national dish to a full English breakfast. So much so, that there's even a Facebook group dedicated to raising awareness on this matter of national pride. Perfect when you could eat the beard off Moses.

7) Tayto Crisps

If you haven't tasted the wonderous potato snack well, you aren't living the dream. It is widely known in Northern Irish circles that the magical potatoey snack are simply the best crisps IN THE WORLD. An inspired choice amongst many Norn' Iron snack fans, the classic crisp sandwich isn't complete without some Tayto Cheese and Onion.
Plus - you haven't yet lived if you haven't taken a wee trip to Tandragee to visit Mr. Tayto in Tayto Castle. What a guy.

8) Spuds

A staple of the Northern Irish diet, you simply can't bate a good 'owl feed a spuds. With Kerr's pinks to Queens best, they are all equally as dear, and close to our hearts.
Add to that, the fact that Tayto crisps just wouldn't be the same - Spuds make it in to our awesome list.

9) Dale Farm Lollipop's

No one can deny the revitalising and thirst quenching qualities of Northern Irish classics such as the Pear Picking Porky, Joker, Mr Frosty, Polly Pineapple, or Choc pop. All lollypops born and bred on this fine soil.

10) Maud's Ice Cream

Mauds Ice Cream originally started as a part of a family grocery business in Carnmoney, Co. Antrim. It was named after Maud, the head of the family business at that time and produces quite possibly the best honeycomb ice-cream known to man.
'Pooh-bear' is a Northern Irish delicacy mixing creamy ice-cream from local cows, with honeycomb chunks from local bees. Delish.

The perfect place for a walk today

         This morning along the sea coast the Coast the sun was shining and all was beautiful.
There was an increase in maritime activity as HM Coastguard, vessels, RNLI lifeboats,helicopers,search and sea rescur coordinators,Belfast Harbour, emergency services and local authorities took part in a live large-scale incident exercise, within Belfast Lough.